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"I find most jugglers to be boring, but you were very entertaining." 
-Simon Cowell 

"Noah was hysterical and a blast to work with!"

-Kirstie Alley 

"You have a bright future, keep following your dreams." 
 -Morgan Freeman

"You made us LOL"


World Class Award Winning Headline Entertainment

"Noah showcased pure entertainment to over 10,000 spectators throughout  the event, we have had him back for the past three years and plan to do so in the future!"

-Mike Fetchko

Bradenton River Regatta 2020

Most jugglers will dazzle you with amazing feats of balance and skill. Nerdy Noah, isn’t like most jugglers.                     He’s a millennial and the marquee says it all

 “There must be an easier way to do this!” 

Watch in amazement as Noah harnesses technology to achieve untold laziness. 

This is chainsaw juggling meets 4 way stretch pants.

From Las Vegas to Dubai, he’s Googled it all! 

So what are you waiting for, come settle in for an evening that’s both enchanting and agreeable. 

It’s the best thing since avocado toast.